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Payment Methods

What payment methods does the bookstore accept? 

The bookstore accepts the following: 

Credit/Debit Cards

Financial Aid (Voucher)

Gift Cards 

Can I have my textbooks billed to my student account? 

Not directly. However, you can fill out a voucher request form here. From this page there are two links for vouchers, one for PACE students and another for Traditional students. From your respective link you will fill out a google form. In the first box you will need to fill out the amount of credit requested. This needs to be exactly how much your books will cost, to determine this you can use our textbook lookup page and see this instantly. From here you will just fill in the rest of the information and submit the form. Your voucher application must be approved by the business office at Central Baptist College before we can allow the use of funds. You will be emailed only after Central Baptist College has approved the funds. Textbook Brokers does NOT have the ability to approve or deny requests. 

Can I purchase other items than course materials with financial aid? 

Yes, you can purchase any items on the bookstore website using a voucher.

Why do I need to hold a debit/credit card on file for a rental? 

The bookstore requires a debit/credit card to be held on file in case the rental is not returned. 

After placing an order I received an order confirmation, does that mean my payment method has been charged? 

No, the order confirmation email is only to confirm both your information and payment method information has been received. Once your order is fulfilled, your payment method on file will be charged, and you will receive a second email confirming your order has shipped or is ready-to-pickup.

After I enter my credit card information, the website says "Billing system error." How do I fix this? 

Please verify the credit/debit card number is correct. If it's incorrect, please re-renter your card number. If the card number is correct, please verify that the billing address is the address on file with your bank/financial institution. If it's incorrect, please re-enter the correct billing address.

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